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Custom Plastic Mold Making in Marine City, MI

Custom Plastic Mold Making in Marine City, MI | Butler Plastics - plastic-production-partTrust Our Plastic Mold Making Experts with All of Your Plastic Orders

Our plastic products go through an extensive quality process, including a four-point inspection to ensure it is perfect when it leaves our warehouse. We work with materials and take on jobs that most other plastics companies wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Our experience and the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over almost 60 years in the business allow us to produce precise plastic products.

We have created a variety of plastic products that range from small car parts to electronic components to medical products and more. To get a better idea of all of the possibilities for the plastic molding industry, head over to our Industries Serviced page and check out more of what we're capable of!

Custom Plastic Mold Making in Marine City, MI | Butler Plastics - Fuel_ButtonOur Process is the Most Efficient One in the Industry

Butler Plastics Company utilizes a centralized material handling system. With this system, our raw material never leaves the warehouse location. The material is conveyed by vacuum to a series of drying hoppers. After the material has been dried, it's then carried by vacuum to our quick-change mini hoppers at each machine. This handling system allows us to pre-dry materials before a tool change and has reduced the time for a tool or material changes by 50%. Our system is also more energy-efficient than older systems.

We are the problem-solvers in the plastic product industry. Many of our customers come to us because they realize they have ordered fewer parts and need more quickly, or they ran into an issue with their previous manufacturer and are looking for a sustainable solution they can rely on. We will adjust our entire schedule to make sure your order is fulfilled when you need it to be.

For all of your custom plastic molding needs, let the Butler take care of you. Contact Butler Plastics today!