Plastic Mold Making

Go from Design to Creation with Plastic Mold Making at Butler Plastics

Plastic Mold Making & Casting Molds: Marine City, MI | Butler Plastics - mold-makingDedicating Ourselves to Molding Since 1962

When you come to Butler Plastics, you get more than just plastic products. You get unmatched customer service that will take your product from design to completion with flawless execution. We have dedicated almost 60 years to tooling design support for our clients and producing plastic products. We can mold extremely complex components in a short time, no matter the material. We are skilfull at working with molds that have rivets, threads, small attached parts, etc. and take care to ensure that they don’t break or become damaged in the removal process. Our molds are durable and easy to clean, which helps to lengthen their lifespan.

Plastic Mold Making & Casting Molds: Marine City, MI | Butler Plastics - moldflowWe are Constantly Striving to Improve our Customer’s Experience with Us

Since all of our production is done in house, our materials are kept in-house, and we have strict control over the quality of our finished products. This also cuts our production time down significantly because we aren’t waiting for anyone else.

We have successfully developed processes to mold products within two-thousandths of an inch or 0.050 millimeters. This is done strategically with our video measuring machine, which uses high powered computer-controlled video equipment to measure products without actually touching the part.

Our quick-change material system is superior to others with 12 hopper stations, which vacuum convey materials to our nine injection molding machines and deposit it in a quick change hopper. This quick-change system cuts our tool change time in half.

We are proud to say that we work with many high quality international and domestic tooling sources to design and build new tooling. Butler Plastics is always looking for ways to help our customers cut the time and cost it takes to produce plastic molds and products. It is not uncommon for customers who transfer existing programs to our facility to see a dramatic quality and cost improvement.

We know to read that is one thing, but we put our money where our mouth is. Contact us or visit our Marine City location to let your Butler get started on all of your plastic molding needs.